Communication Design:

Interaction Foundations

Fall 2015

Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
Washington University

Abram Siemsen
James Fawcett
Stephanie Raumschuh

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


All assignments and projects will be turned in electronically as HTML pages uploaded to the class website, and must be submitted before class begins on the date the assignment is due is due. The protocol used to upload files to a webserver is called the File Transfer Protocol, or FTP.

Configuring FTP

  1. Open FileZilla.
  2. Click on File, then Site Manager..., see Figure 1.

    figure 1
    Figure 1.

  3. Click New Site and enter your site's name, which can be whatever you choose. See Figure 2.

    figure 2
    Figure 2.

  4. Complete the settings in the General tab on the right. See Figure 3.

    figure 3
    Figure 3.

    • Host:
    • Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol
    • Encryption: Use plain FTP
    • Logon Type: Normal
    • User: (James Fawcett will use
    • Password: Your password.
    • Then, click Connect to save these FTP settings and connect to your site.

Uploading files

  1. Open FileZilla.
  2. Click on File, then Site Manager.
  3. Select the site you created and click Connect.
  4. Browse to your local folder that contains your files to upload and drag files from the Local site pane to the Remote site pane. See Figure 4.

    figure 4
    Figure 4.